Basics Important part Of Muslim Faith

Importance of Faith

Importance Of Muslim Faith


To become a Muslim, there is a need to believe in certain things. In Islamic terminology, it is called Faith or Creed. There is no question of Islam as long as faith is not good. In general, belief can be said about some of the subjects.

We know that to do any work Must have clear ideas about that work. If you do not have a clear idea then it can not be done correctly. By accepting Islam,to become a Muslim, you must know, what is the basis of the concept of Islamic meditation?



The basis of faith

  • Trust in Allah.
  • Trust in the Holy Quran.
  • Believing in the Messenger.
  • The Angels must believe.
  • Believe in the Hereafter.
  • To believe in Taqdir.
  • Believe in Resurrection. and more…



Tauhid of Islam

The World around us – the Sky, the Earth, the Plants, the Insects, the Animals, the Birds, the Humans – they were not created automatically. Anything that follows a beautiful rule, is it without any director? No, it can never happen. Because we know that, even a single ball can not move if someone does not push. A small toy can not be created automatically without a craftsman. So, there is a craftsman and director of this world world. We are alive in his mercy. He gave us Rizq. Everything that has happened, is going to be, and it is – he knows everything. But accepting this word is not enough to believe in Allah. It is necessary, to accept God as Lord or Owner in every aspect of life. As the slave obeys his Lord, he goes according to his command.

In the absence of the Lord, it does not want to be as pleasing as its own. In the same way, accepting God as your Lord and doing the work of life will be done according to His law. It must be believed from the heart that the only rule of law in our lives will be obeyed. In this world, only the injunctions will be issued to him. Man can not be bowed before the law made by humans. But what do we see? Even after believing in God we are going to get a strength for one problem. In this way, it is called Shirk to make someone else a partner with Allah. Shirk is the greatest sin. So we have to know. Allah tells us how to live this world. Only after knowing all this and accepting it completely will be acceptable to him as Lord. We will be the true slave of Allah when we will choose Siratul Mustakim, the only path he gives as a way of life. If I do any work only for him. That will be the true belief in Allah..(by Ibn Masum)

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